Vina Rose Biography

Growing up within a family of musicians meant Vina Rose’s connection to the art-form ran deep. Born in Sicily, her work as an artist took off among her local scene when she was barely fourteen. Vina eventually moved to Milan, where she studied performing arts and earned a 5 years degree in Communications– and so began a wonderfully eclectic career.

In 2004, Vina became the vocalist for Italian artists like Andrea Bocelli, Alexia, Giorgia, performing across numerous festival and TV show appearances; including Top Of The Pops and CD LIVE. A year later she would collaborate with various radio stations to produce original jingles and theme tunes. Her experiences, her talent and knowledge of the music world began to skyrocket.

In recent years, Vina has dazzled audiences at endless gigs, theatre presentations, and TV shows. She has connected with well-known creatives in many different fields, meanwhile consistently honing her own abilities as a compelling artist.

In 2017, Vina made the move to London, and has since been working in various studios there – writing and developing a unique sound and creative identity. She regularly performs live at exclusive clubs and venues across the city.

May 17th 2019 – sees the release of her long-awaited debut single.

‘Breathe Again’, brings together Vina’s passionate vocals with an uplifting EDM backdrop – the perfect summer classic to see dance and pop fans through the coming months. Crisp, clean production lets high energy and emotion shine gorgeously – a fine mastering finish from Geoff Pesche at Abbey Road Studios.