Vina Rose Biography

In the realm of contemporary music, Vina Rose stands as a charismatic singer-songwriter whose versatile styles span across Alternative/Cinematic Pop, Soul, & Soft Rock.

Born in the historic city of Catania on the sun-drenched island of Sicily, Italy, Vina’s journey has carried her from the vibrant landscapes of her Italian roots to the bustling streets of London, where her soulful melodies now find resonance.

From the tender age of 4, Vina’s confidence on the stage foreshadowed a destiny intertwined with melodies and harmonies: growing up in a family steeped in musical traditions, her formative years in Catania were marked by the soulful resonance of music that would later become the cornerstone of her artistry.

As her teenage years emerged, Vina began to share her gift locally, mesmerizing audiences with her powerful voice: her passion for singing remained steadfast, fueled by self-assurance and an unwavering belief that music was the path she was destined to tread.

At the age of 18, driven to refine her artistry, Vina set off to Milan, the fashion capital of Italy, where she enrolled in University and a Music Academy.

These transformative years in Milan not only broadened her musical horizons, but also laid the foundation for a rich and diverse approach to her craft.

During this period, Vina found herself sharing stages with Italian superstars Andrea Bocelli, Alexia, and Giorgia. Her talent resonated across festivals and television, setting her on a trajectory towards stardom.

Her post-graduation journey took an unexpected turn when she was offered a multifaceted role as a vocal coach, singer, and actress in one of Italy’s most popular TV entertainment shows. Her success on the program was so profound that she remained with the show for an impressive decade.

While immersed in her TV role, Vina also made notable appearances on renowned platforms like “MTV Unplugged” and “Dancing with the Stars” and on various radio stations for original jingles and theme tunes further, showcasing her versatility as an artist.

In 2016, Vina made a bold decision to shift her focus entirely to her music career, leading to her relocation to the UK in 2017; this transition came with its challenges as she transitioned from being a known figure in Italy to establishing her presence in the UK. Undeterred, Vina’s determination fuelled her onward journey.

Acting also emerged as one of Vina’s talents, and in 2018, she took on a role in the BBC documentary “Victoria & Albert – The Royal Wedding,” portraying the character of the Duchess of Sutherland.

In 2019, Vina Rose marked her musical solo journey with the release of her debut EDM single, “Breathe Again,” mastered at the legendary Abbey Road Studios.

The subsequent year saw the unveiling of her EP, “Crossroads,” a body of work that earned her a nomination for “BEST LIVE ACT” at the AIM Independent Music Awards. The EP, with tracks ranging from the anthemic “Heart of Gold” to the dark and brooding dance-inflected title track, painted a vivid picture of serendipity and the triumph of light emerging from darkness.

Vina’s prowess and artistry continued to garner attention as she performed at the “Sanremo Rock & Trend Festival” in 2021. Her dazzling performance placed her in the top 10, an outstanding achievement considering the competition began with a staggering 15,000 bands.

In February 2022, Vina Rose, among the 9 international finalists selected from 600 candidates, achieved a remarkable 6th place at the Eurovision Song Contest in San Marino with her intriguing track, “Sweet Denial“.

August 2022 brought yet another accolade as Vina received the prestigious “International Music Award,” Premio Nazionale Garitta, in Italy, recognising her significant musical and artistic contributions.

In February 2023, Vina Rose returned to the grand final of San Marino’s Eurovision selection with her single “Oblivious,” a poignant exploration of emotional manipulation.

Later that year, she was invited by Howard Murphy from Ostereo Music to perform and record at the iconic Abbey Road Studios in London, marking a milestone in her musical journey.

As Vina Rose steps into 2024, her journey continues with the anticipation of her upcoming single, “Don’t Let Go: scheduled for release on February 9th 2024, this inspiring ballad promises to be a profound testament to hope, resilience, and the triumph of the human spirit.

Vina Rose’s story is one of tenacity, talent, and a relentless pursuit of musical excellence. Her captivating performances, diverse musical styles, and magnetic stage presence mark her as a luminary in the contemporary music scene.

Her story continues.

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