Charismatic Singer-Songwriter Vina Rose dives deep into themes of manipulation, resilience and liberation in her soaring upcoming single “Oblivious”, out on 2nd June 2023

In a world that often seeks to mould and manipulate, singer-songwriter Vina Rose emerges with a captivating single that celebrates individuality and self-awareness. Through the powerful lyrics of “Oblivious,” Vina delivers a message of resilience and liberation, urging listeners to break free from the chains of deception and reclaim their true selves.

The song opens with a realization of being oblivious to the deceit that once clouded the protagonist’s judgment. It boldly questions why someone would try to drag her down when they are aware of her unique and authentic nature. With each verse, Vina Rose unapologetically exposes the manipulation endured, highlighting the strength gained through overcoming victimhood.

Her empowering chorus serves as the song’s heart, declaring her survival and determination to break free from the confinement imposed upon her. This is not only a mind-breaking piece, but also an anthem for those who have had enough of being controlled and reduced to mere puppets on strings. Instead, assert their independence and refuse to surrender their true self to anyone.

Vina Rose, known for her charismatic stage presence and versatile musical talent, showcases her prowess once again in “Oblivious.” With a blend of soulful vocals, vibrant pop elements, and a powerful lyrical narrative, she takes us on a journey of self-discovery,  a true testament to her artistry and dedication to releasing encouraging music.

As the song fades out, her message lingers, leaving an indelible impression on those who embrace their own authenticity and choose to live as the originals they were meant to be.

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