Multi-talented recording artist Vina Rose set to deliver a relatable punch in her forthcoming single “She Never Breaks”, out on 8th July 2022

It is evident today that many women have assumed positions and roles which have been for a long time taken up by men. This might be an advantage for them, but when we take a look under the mask – Is it just a role or have women got it all under control?

Today, the feminism train has consumed so many women yet in reality it’s all just a show. Women will pretend to be just as strong as the men but deep down they are breaking.

 In her forthcoming single dubbed “She Never Breaks,” the talented VINA ROSE has penned down the harsh realities of a wonder woman. Primarily inspired by a progression of chords and a very energetic groove done with producer Gavin Holligan of Hollerzz Productions, the prodigy gave life to the music with her adept lyrics that have massed against strong women.

 “She Never Breaks “might be a track about the struggles of women and their “Never Give Up” attitude, but its lyrics cut across to the men too. Women usually don’t want to show how fragile they are: they will always pretend that everything is okay, even when the walls are crumbling down. Just like that, men are also very good at hiding emotions, they will act so independent and unbreakable despite what happens behind the curtains. This has become the reality of life!

Produced with utmost perfection, VINA ROSE’s upcoming single feels personal and real through its well-written lyrics. Its track has a raw sentiment that sticks out strongly and sturdily and easily infuses with her amazing vocals. This is the kind of song that is a must-have on your summer playlist.

Don’t miss to check out this single soon as it drops.

Release Date: 08.07.2022


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