Vina Rose Finds Musical Identity with “Crossroads”

Vina Rose wants you to take a ride to a destiny with “Crossroads“, her upcoming EP slated for an April 2020 release.

In Crossroads she reveals a vulnerable side that’s relatable and resonant.

Having spent several months perfecting and recording the songs in the studio, Vina has created 4 deeply personal songs that articulate her fears and difficulties that come with new beginnings, while embracing change with hopeful optimism.

Incredibly upbeat and optimistic, the first track, “Heart of Gold“, brings a happy and positive balance that uplifts the sometimes dark and moody state of mind.

The second track, “Crossroads“, is a symphony of atmospheric sounds interspersed with techno beats and haunting backing vocals. The title track’s soul-piercing lyrics come alive with evocative music and a rich voice that fuses pop ballad and soul into one powerful ensemble.

The song is a fitting anthem to the theme of the EP, intense but not abrasive:
Crossroads represents the beginning of a new chapter in life, the official entrance into adulthood where substantial decisions or drastic changes in direction can affect and shape the future” .

The third track, “The Best“, showcases Vina Rose’s versatility by injecting new life into a phenomenal hit. This enthralling and almost hypnotic cover’s techno-pop influence shines through with every rhythm and beat.

Defying the limits of music genre boundaries, the final track is a remix of “Breathe Again“, her debut single which was released to glowing reviews in 2019: the song encapsulates a distinctive style that seamlessly combines alternative pop, rock,
electronica, and indie pop, adding cinematic undertones for good measure.

With Crossroads, Vina Rose opens a new chapter in her life and shares her journey through powerful and inspiring genre-fluid songs showcasing her unique brand of music—authentic, sublime, and unapologetic.


Vina Rose - Breathe Again - THE DEBUT SINGLE

Breathe Again is the beautifully atmospheric new pop single by haunting Sicilian singer/songwriter Vina Rose, described as Sia meets Kaytranada. Vina says “I wanted to make a summer classic to see dance and pop fans through the coming months so I wrote dreamy vocals over an uplifting EDM backdrop. It’s a song about a spiritual and emotional rebirth, the desire to turn fears and indecisions into confidence and action. It was amazing working with Gavin Holligan from Hollerzz Productions and Geoff Pesche at Abbey Road Studios – the production sounds so clean & crisp! I can’t wait for my fans to hear the finished result!”

Breathe Again’ is an honest, deeply human yet energising release, likely to make waves throughout 2019. As a mere taster from her upcoming album, the song makes for a bold and beautiful introduction to an artist with a clear love for and dedication to her craft”.  Stereo Stickman