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Here is all you need to know – The new exclusive audio and lyric video is out now and the music video on the 1st of April 2022.

We love all things Vina Rose at Mark Meets Music, and can reveal that the charismatic contemporary star has released her mesmerising new single “Sweet Denial” today and we have the exclusive video below right here on

Having gained much press and public attention at the Eurovision Song Contest in San Marino where Vina achieved 6th place out of the 18 artists competing on the night

“Sweet Denial” is a love anthem that portrays an addiction to love and a relationship embedded with attraction and desire”.

The new single, ‘Sweet Denial’ is a bittersweet anthem that perfectly captures the euphoria and agony of a love  affair. Vina’s performance is deeply personal – her evocative vocals and poetic lyrics bring her story to life in vivid detail. With its instantly memorable hooks and soaring chorus, ‘Sweet Denial’ will speak to audiences around the world while propelling Vina’s career to new heights. ‘Sweet Denial’ is  available everywhere Mar. 25

The song “Sweet Denial” is about a complicated and a toxic noir relationship, yet very desirable and the lyrics in the song are pretty relatable to preserve the message in the tune.

Whereas many people fight the feeling of love, Vina chose to fight for it, by describing it as a “feeling of a lifetime.”


Vina Rose is a charismatic contemporary singer who specialises in a variety of styles from alternative Pop, Soul, & Soft Rock: stunningly graceful and full of vitality, her passion for music shines through her performances. Born in Catania, Sicily, Italy’s largest island, the singer now resides in London UK.

She was raised in a family of musicians, and music always played a meaningful part in her life. A confident youngster, she made her first stage performance at the age of four: growing up, she was inspired by singers who displayed their authenticity through music. As her teenage years emerged, she started  performing locally, her passion for singing never wavered and with self-assurance and positivity, she recognised that music was the path she was destined to pursue.

At 18, keen to develop her artistry, she set off to the fashion city of Italy, Milan, and it was there that Vina enrolled in University and a Music Academy. During those years, she secured various jobs alongside the likes of Italian superstars Andrea Bocelli, Alexia and Giorgia, both at festivals and on television. Her inspiring moments flowed naturally and after graduation Vina was offered a position as vocal coach, singer, and actress in one of Italy’s most popular TV entertainment shows. Her performance on the program was so successful, she stayed with the show for 10 years.

Alongside the role, she appeared on “MTV Unplugged”, “Dancing with the stars”, and made various TV appearances as well as collaborations with various Radio Stations, for original jingles and theme tunes. In 2016 Vina left the show, with the aim of focusing on her music career; subsequently, the singer relocated to the UK in 2017. Settling in another country to continue her career came with its challenges: in Italy she was known for music, in the UK she was not. Vina  never let it hold her back. Acting is another one of Vina’s talents, and in 2018 she appeared in the BBC documentary “Victoria & Albert – The Royal Wedding, playing the part of the Duchess of Sutherland. In 2019 the alluring singer released her debut EDM single “Breathe Again”, mastered at Abbey Road Studios: the multi-layered up-tempo track, narrates a story of heartache & new awakenings. Vina Rose ‘Breathe Again’ new single premiered on MarkMeets Music May 2019.

The following year, she presented her EP “Crossroads”: balancing heartfelt lyrics and energising music, her songs convey a  tale of serendipity, light can come from darkness, and sees her vocal prowess given  tracks that really allow her to shine, from the anthemic “Heart of Gold”, to the dark and brooding dance-inflected title track, which sees her reflecting on the momentous decision she made to relocate at the height of her career. April 2020 Vina Rose released her new Ep with Mark Meets Magazine premiering an exclusive track.

In 2021, the singer performed at the “Sanremo Rock & Trend Festival”: held at the prestigious Ariston Theatre in  Sanremo (Italy), her dazzling performance received warm affection from the audience  and placed her in the top ten; the competition originally commenced with 15.000 bands, an amazing achievement for the singer.

In February 2022, Vina, who was one of the 9 international finalists selected among 600 candidates, went on to achieve 6th place out of 18 artists competing against established and emerging artists at the Eurovision Song Contest in San Marino. The captivating artist is ready to present the best of herself, hard-working & inspirational, with her exciting new up and coming intriguing  track “Sweet Denial”, a mid-tempo song that depicts a tale of mixed emotions, a bitter sweet love affair, set to be released on 25th March 2022… Her journey continues…

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