Wiwibloggs – San Marino: Vina Rose says “Sweet Denial” portrays an addiction to love

Vina Rose has directly qualified for the Emerging Artists Final in San Marino’s new national selection, Una Voce per San Marino. She’s singing her love anthem “Sweet Denial”.

Born in Catania, Sicily, Vina is a charismatic singer who specialises in a variety of music styles from alternative pop to soul and trip-pop.

Wiwiblogger Tom Hendryk has a chat with the Italian Queen to find out what makes her tick!

Vina! Congratulations on getting to the San Marino National Final, Una Voce Per San Marino. How does it feel?

Thank you very much! It feels amazing, I still can’t believe it and I’m so grateful for this incredible opportunity.

So, why San Marino and why now?

San Marino is a lovely place where I felt immediately welcomed and it’s wonderful the fact that they give the opportunity to emerging artists to take part to such a worldwide event and to get supported from a massive audience all around the globe. After two years of pandemic I also felt that now was the time to do something of big impact such as competing for the Eurovision.

Tell me, what is your entry “Sweet Denial” about and why this song for Eurovision?

“Sweet Denial” is a love anthem that portrays an addiction to love and a relationship embedded with obsession and suffering. It’s a transparent reflection of a never ending attraction that seems dangerous but instead fills you with an overwhelming passion. For me this is the perfect Eurovision song that will hit you with all the energy and passion that I’m capable of, energy absolutely vital for a huge stage like the Eurovision.

What do you think of the new San Marino National Final format this year?

I believe we’ll be 16 competitors to perform to the Final that will take place tomorrow evening here in San Marino, the only thing, maybe would be for me to change the order of the performances, instead of following an alphabetical order, just to mix a bit the cards on the table, but that’s just me 🙂

What is the genre/style of music we should expect from you and what previous Eurovision artist, Sammarinese, Italian or otherwise has inspired you?

My music is an alternative pop with some soul and trip-pop influences and honestly I’ve just tried to bring the authentic myself without concerning too much of recreating something that already exists and I hope that the audience and people around the world are going to love it as much as I do.

You are of course also an actress, so should we expect something a bit special on stage on the night?

My stage presence is really passionate and volcanic due to my nature and to my extensive experience working on telly and also being an actress, but I also like to improvise while on stage and not to plan too much in advance, so you can expect something that will be deliberately unique on that night.

Is there anything you want to say to the Eurovision fans before the final?

Thank you so much for your support that has been already amazing, you can’t believe how thrilled I am to have new fans and followers from all around the world. “Be always yourself, the others are already taken.. 😉
I love you all.

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