Vina Rose set to return with an emotional upheaval track “Sweet Denial” on 25th March 2022

From the beginning, it is good to know that love between two people is never easy, although the sweet feeling that comes with it, can be measured to a lifetime.

In the world today, love is considered a strong attraction towards a person and a dangerous game of the heart.
Many people think of it as an addiction or a compulsive behavior that soothes you when you feel emotional pain: the soothing aspect can make you feel better, but it may not fix the problem causing that pain.

Still, there are those times when even the person you love is not able to meet your personal needs: this may be due to personal reasons or even someone trying to avoid closeness at all costs; whether the person you love returns the same kind of feeling or not, the heart usually goes after what it wants.

That one moment when you can’t let go of someone you love, despite the pain they put you through, is precisely what is described as a “Sweet Denial”.

For multi-talented recording artist VINA ROSE, Love has turned into a bittersweet anthem as she sets to release her latest single, “Sweet Denial”,  a brand-new song that comes as the successor for Rose’s 2020 EP “Crossroads.”

The upcoming single titled Sweet Denial” , slated for a March 2022 release, is a transparent reflection logo of the famed feeling of a one-sided relationship that seems dangerous, but instead fills you with an overwhelming passion.
According to the artist, the anticipated song is a love anthem that portrays an addiction to love and a relationship embedded with attraction and desire.

There is nothing like Sweet Denial.”

Wrapped in amazing vocals and top-notch production, “Sweet Denial” is about a complicated and a toxic noir relationship, yet very desirable and the lyrics in the song are pretty relatable to preserve the message in the tune.
Whereas many people fight the feeling of love, Vina chose to fight for it, by describing it as a “feeling of a lifetime.”

Vina Rose’s soon-to-be-released single “Sweet Denial is composed with lyrics that will grab your attention from the beginning of the song till the end.

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